Indian Education system

Indian school education is getting worse as the world moving ahead but we here at India are making things worst from before.Gary vaynerchuk is one of the persons I admire the most he always tells people to Stop doing sh*t you hate and spend 24 hours works rather than working 9 to 5 for the accomplishment of someone’s dream.


Students studying in India are getting stressed in the way they are living in and around the indian society.Understanding and being to able master every subject is not every student’s cup of tea.


If you look at other countries let’s take for example Finland it has one of best student ranking and student’s excel in their subjects and they are way ahead of USA in their results so there is no use of comparing it with INDIA as we are way back in the game.


I just don’t want to complain only though we have done some great work and have been during various events around the world and we can do much better than we are now.So to make these situations  better  we all need to get aware not only on the economical side but even on the institutional level because if the roots are not in the ground you won’t be able to grow the great large tree we all have been dreaming of and trying to get into its shade.


Trying to get to a positive end by Gary about something you would probably think of reading that “When things are worst .I’m Best.I eat pressure for breakfast.”






















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