Is getting marks in exams everything you need in life

Examination,marks,grades and report cards are one of the most heard and listened words by students in their school.Many students these days are just behind the marks and grades which mean everything to them.

There are a few amount of students who know what to do with their lives but not all of are sure what to do in the future and some of them are even not sure with stream to choose and those the one’s who chosen a stream have know idea what to do with their lives.

So when it comes to marks every one of us have different views and thoughts about marks and whether they are to be considered in one’s life and comparing one with his/her marks which he/she receives on any kind of exam.

This article is not just  to confuse you by my article here but now I have come up with a great way to stop the debate but as this is such universal and many people have different thoughts about the same topic so my answer is or might be the best or perfect but I’m sure you would be pretty convinced with what I say.

Here’s out it goes:


So,first of all it is just not the right thing to compare education with marks you get.Education,studies or subjects are a source of information to know the world and put it to practical use where as  marks are given for the amount of data of something that you just remember or understood  about a particular topic or subject or how good are you at it?.


There are a lot of people who are intelligent but are not able to get marks in exams because there is something that they are lacking in some or the other source.But there are a few students who know about and then even execute it and get good marks.The difference b/w the one who doesn’t and one who does get marks is that  the one’s who get good marks are able to put all there efforts and distribute their hard work for all the possibilities to get the best marks.

It is just not bad if you get bad marks but it means that you are good at some or the other thing in which other’s are not good which make you special so it also important that you look around your life and first know yourself with what you can do and what is the one thing you are good at and make the best of it you just need to start with it.


Thus on coming to a conclusion I would tell all the one’s who think that they need to get marks to make their life better it the thing you should go for and with the one’s who think that they are good at something else and be best at it.



Marks are one’s which show you how capable are you stop thinking about all the negative things about people cheating in exams but you should have control on yourself and stop from the negatives.


One thing is that if you don’t cheat you can get marks only when  you read,learn and know your exam syllabus and outperform it and get the best results you will get marks only if read which shows you that you know something.So you should learn from ur results and make urself better.



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