Online Media & Social Networking

All of us understand online media and how we use it in our daily life and its impact on our lives.If we think wisely online media and advertising also publishing can make a lot of difference and we therefore can make things better and prove ourselves and our image across the web.

Online media provides you with a ton of information for getting aware with all the stuff happening around as our days go.As as our knowledge and use is concerned we think that online media is just a fact and some one in front of the camera or someone on the keyboard of his/her laptop sitting around writing some news or story.

It is not the same for all of us.

while social networking  which at the start was a just a place where various come and talk to their friends and acquaintances through chat and sharing of photos and other media.

But it has now changed and is now being used for by the same people making revenue through these social sites as time passes away things eventually change and are getting better than before.


A few of us how to use these features,so through this article I would I like to explain all the one’s out there who want to separate themselves from others need to have a strong social networking base.Eventually If you now meet an unknown person on these platforms people see your followers and judge your work through your posts,pictures and other updates you put on these sites.Thus,earlier people were in a mood of thought thinking that these sites are good and can disturb their time and waste there time but now this generation of kids,teens and adults know how about important it has now become to use your social networks in a good way.



I recommend you follow me(@shagunattri)  and @garyvee because he is a man by whom I am the most impressed and inspired by. So check him out as he will never make you inspired through his messages and posts across all the #platforms.


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