Communication Skills

Communicating is a gr8 deal for all of us.We communicate with a ton of people as our day goes on.But there is a lot of gap in our talks and we rather end up being in unexpected situations where we are don’t understand about what to say next and what to ask or talk with the other person.

You might have experienced where you met an unknown person who asked you for something and you eventually let him know but though you want to talk to the person he/she is not interested into your talk and if you both stop by but you are not able to start the conversation because you are scared whether the person will reply to you or not .If you have ever been in a situation like this  you are likely to have bad communication skills.


Making yourself confident and being able to deliver your talk and message can sometimes be breath-taking.So if you are scared of your communication skills and wanted to get better at it.Just go PRACTICE!!!!

There’s nothing that can’t make you perfect by practicing it all again and again.The best to do this is alone watching yourself in front of the mirror talking to yourself and make it  perfect until you are able to reply yourself with any question you ask yourself.

After this you need to step Ur game and talk with unknown people and start a healthy conversation with them and slowly you will the changes in yourself and make things happen.

This is not a problem for all of us.a few of us are good at it from childhood but the one’s whose childhood has been very protective and concerned who did not many people are probably seen in all these kinds of weird situations.

Hope you find this helpful because I wanted to discuss about this topic which is/was a matter of concern for all of us.




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