Indian Elections

India is the largest democracy in the world with the largest population.This is great stand out factor to appreciate in India that everyone has their  own respective rights and everyone is equal under the law,but there is a very deep worm hole  which none of us are able to observe in India specially but everyone knows about it.That is corruption and businesses which are being run by various higher authorities in India that are actually illegal but with the help of a few underdogs they are pushing their limits forward and making the society degrade in terms of upcoming and development of the society.



The election season in India is like a huge festival where people(MLA or people’s representatives) do their rallies and events to let people vote for them .This is procedure followed all around the democrats,but India has its own speciality because it is a huge country with the largest democracy it is very often seen that there is smuggling of votes and various other forms through which people are made to give their votes to other people.


In greed and hunger individuals in India turn down there vote to someone who has provided with some good and free stuff.This  happens even now during the election season.


People first give vote to the person who offered him some money in place of a vote,later these people only show their anger towards the person and have talk with others that he is doing any good for them because the man who asked them for the votes was just having a caring until the other person gave him his vote but after he becomes the minister or MLA or anything else he doesn’t care about the people because he is concerned about his self-esteem and his own career.

This is why we all get it wrong with these things ,the world is not here to help you everyone some or the other day is going to leave you need to work on your own and succeed be it any field,you need to put in the work  and do the  work you love until and unless it makes you happy.

Leave all these politics and elections the leaders come and go we do not even know when things are about to change with us also so why waste time in shit you hate.

Change your mind think wisely and remove all these bad work going on during the elections.People think that the common man doesn’t understand what all scams they are doing but they are not familiar with the truth ,which we know.


THis can just not be stopped by a man sitting in front of a computer and telling people we do need to share this article and I personally request you to share this article if you want a better society and a better India.I am doing this to earn money or grow my publicity I am ding this to spread awareness in my way.


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