The Nobel Prize

The nobel prize is the most prestigious and coveted international award which is administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm.The nobel foundation was established in 1990.This prestigious award is bestowed to recognize those individuals who have contributed most materially to benifit mankind.

Between 1901 to 2016 ,The Nobel Prize and the Prize in Economic Sciences were awarded 579 times to 911 people and organizations with some receiving the nobel prize more than once,thus makingit a total of 881 individuals and 23 organizations.The peace prize is chosen by the Norwegian Nobel Institute.

Physics,Chemistry and Economics prizes are chose by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.Medicine Award is chose by the Nobel Institute at Karolinska Institute.Swedish Academy choses the Literature winner.

Each year a maximum of three people can win each award.Winner’s get a gold medal,a Diploma and sum of 10 million Swedish Kronor.The commitee the writes a report with recommendations and sends it to the academy or other corresponding Institute depending on the category of the prizes.

Source:The Tribune Cognizance

by Subey Pratap,HOD(English),Gurukul School,Kurukshetra.


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