Google is an American multi national technology company engaged in providing the internet related services and products that mainly includes online advertising technologies,search,cloud computing,software and hardware.

Google was founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D students at Stanford university.

Google has Become so popular That it has become synonym for searching,like people use the phrase”Let’s Google it”.Google is also ranked in top positions in Fortune Magazines list of the best companies to work for

Google is known for its office culture and building aswell>Google headquarter’s in Mountain view,California,is refered to as “Googleplex”.Free food is available to employees 24×7 in google offices.

Google announced the setting up of its largest campus outside the United States in Hyderabad,India.The proposed campus can accommodate 6500 employees.Google is also popular for its Doodle which is creative and dedicated to some important events in world or specific countries calendar.

Google is also conducting workshops in schools on”Web Arranger” to make the students aware about web security and its utility.


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