An important message I’ve for you

Skills are cheap but passion is priceles.This is a quote by @garyvee who tries to explain people about the work other peeps  are doing and how they are getting it done.Many and most of the people in the world are doing jobs they hate are not living there life’s to the fullest making it worse than ever without even thinking of the consequence that the only have one life..

My piece of advice to all you reading here is that first of all you need to stop doing things you hate right away and do sh*t you love.If you are not sure with want to do then the thing you need to do is go do something you hate because this will make you to broken from the heart and  you will probably get up with something great that you find  belongs to you.

Talking to yourself is very important I call it Self-reflection and self-awareness because everyone on this Earth  should get to know themselves and know who they are and where they stand to the whole world.

Thinking of something telling your friends that I am going to this and that is just not the right way you need to make them know who you are actually and execute what you want to  do  and then go and punch them on there face telling them that I outworked you and achieved my goal because while you were sleeping I was grinding.

Have a  greedy attitude towards things,it will always make you get them with ease because at the end it comes out to how bad you want it?



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