A Power Station On Your Roof

However bleak and windswept,just about every place on the Earth manages to catch a bit of Sun,and it has long been known that solar power can be converted directly into electricity using what are called photovoltaic cells.

Photovoltaic cells were invented in the 1950s, made from two sheets of silicon they produce electricity whenever sunlight falls on them.Early models were hopelessly inefficient but today’s solar cells convert about 15% of the sun’s power to electricity and it may not be long before Solar panels covering your roof will power the Refrigerator and TV as well as heat your home and water.

Scientists have calculated that the Sun could produce around 10,000 times more energy than the Earth presently consumes.By laying photovoltaic cells across just one small part of Sun-Drenched Sahara desert,we could make enough electricity to satisfy the entire world.

So why don’t we?

In the 1970s,Photovoltaic cells were confined to spacecrafts  and other fabulously expensive technology.But the cost of their manufacture had plummeted by more than 90% since then and now the technology is on the cutting edge of viability within another 10 years it could be genuinely competitively.Coating your roof with Solar cells might once have caused a small fortune and need your house look like a Space Station. Not any more.

The latest solar dash paneled roofs are easier on both eye and pocket.Presently they will set you back about seven times the annual cost of your mains electricity.In that time your investment will have paid for itself anyway,but since photovoltaic cells actually produce more power than you are likely to consume,you might even sell the excess to a local business and show an annual profit as the owner of a miniature power station.

The photovoltaic roof could give you strategic and economic independence.



High tech Device:Boon or bane

The present day high-tech gear is just part of growing up in a digital world.Nevertheless,one cannot deny that all these gadgets have become a part  and parcel of our daily lives.Besides we have become highly  dependent on these  devices.

This is more so in the case of children.Their lives are completely ruled by these devices.These devices made our lives easier and more comfortable.They have made the world jump forward with a leap and built up a glittering modern world.

They have also opened innumerable avenues for the growth and knowledge and  have given form to the wild imagination of man.They have indeed ,revolutionized every sphere of life.

Children spend a great deal of time on these gadgets like video games etc.

The parents feel that excessive use of these gadgets will definitely be destructive for the children.They will recline into their into own high tech shell.

There upon it will  become very difficult for parents to bring them out of this world.

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Ride to Learn

Horse-Riding may help improve memory,learning and problem solving in children,as  the vibrations produced by the animals activate the kids nervous system,scientists have found.

Researchers have examined the effects of horseback riding  on the performance of children by having them complete simple tests  directly before and after horse riding ,while  measuring the children’s heart rate in response  to movements created by the horses.

The behavioral reactions of the children  were tested using ‘Go/no-go’ test,which assesses cognitive response using fast computerized questions.

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Are health apps really beneficial?

Health apps can sometimes turn out to be pretty weird as they tell you to walk 10,000 steps a day could be harmful for some people,an expert claims.

Dr.Greg Hager,professor of computer science at Johns Hopkins University,said many fitness trackers have no real evidence to support their targets.

He told the American Association for the Advancement of  Science in Boston,that the figure was based  on a 1960 study of Japanese men who were estimated to burn 3,300 calories by walking 10,000 steps.

“But is that right the right  number for any  of you in this room “,he asked.”Who knows”.Hager added,”Untill we have Evidence based apps you could amplifyissues.I am sure these apps are causing problems.”

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The problem with being self-centered

Being self-centered can sometimes turn out to be very wrong in terms of your personal relationships with people,it can make your personality bad and even sometimes may create problems in your relationships.

It is not always the right choice to just think and acknowledge yourself for the work and greatness you have or you have achieved.

Being able to make your social circle as well as social life better is very important because it may help you in a lot of ways, but being self-centered will always make you move towards more and more problems.

So,stop being self-centered and start being optimistic and helpful aand also always try to give,never expect anything in return.This will eventually make you better and you could stop being self-centered and egoistic thinking not about yourself but caring for others as well.

Importance of Walking and Exercising

Early to bed and  early to rise maker a man healthy,wealthy and wise.It is the secret of good health.

There is nothing like a morning walk.It helps us in keeping physically fit and mentally alert.It plays a significant role in burning the high calories of food in our body.

It is a kind of light exercise and is suitable for all kinds of people.Young men,wome,old people and children-all can enjoy a morning walk.

It is beneficial for all of them as it keeps the heart beat and blood pressure normal.In the morning the air is fresh ,the atmosphere  is quiet and calm.

It is the best time for a walk.A morning walk refreshes the body and mind as nothing else can do.

In the morning,a brisk wall enables us to breathe in a lot of oxygen.It keeps us energetic ,active and alert for the whole day.It causes no obesity and improves blood circulation.

The doctor often advises his patients to have a morning walk every day.

The role of Rag-Pickers in saving the Urban environment

Rag-Pickers play a major role in saving the urban environment.None really pays any attention to contribute towards society.They collect the garbage and further segregate it.

This is a major health concern for them as it contains all sorts of germs.Due to their unawareness  and no education ,they are left with nothing but only this to do.The garbage that they collect has fine  glass pieces which many a times  injure them.

But to earn their livelihood,they have to bear all sorts of pains and injuries.They collect the house garbage and segregate the articles that can be recycled and sell them to earn their livelihood.

the remaining is disposed off.Virtually,in absence of rag-pickers,our surroundings will a  dumping ground of garbage. They are the unsung saviours of our environment.