Amazon and It’s E-Commerce Dominance

The retail landscape is rapidly changing and Amazon has been dominating the e-commerce market for too long and has become a behemoth of a company in all the areas of e-commerce where the numbers are doing the talk.

Amazon’s share of the US Ecommerce Market is now 49 percent where it’s rivals like ebay is in single figure percentages(6%).
New numbers from researchers at eMarketer reveal that Amazon is set to clear $258.22 billion in the US retail sales in 2018.

The Report goes on to mention that Amazon’s pace has not slowed down.”It’s sales are up 29.2 percent versus a year ago , when it commanded 43 percent of all e-commerce retail sales” reports TechCrunch.

Amazon being a behemoth of a company and being fueled by a strong marketplace network of third party sellers,an ever expanding range of goods from groceries to fashion.

With Amazon Prime being a very popular loyalty program more people will be spending money with amazon, than with any other retailers combined.

Though these new numbers may renew the prospect of anti trust action being brought against the online giant.


To be different!

70,000 years ago if an elder told you to avoid eating a plant, you’d listen.

They’d teach you how to spark a fire, build a shelter, throw a spear.

And you’d listen.

That’s how we survived as a species.

By listening.

By following.

By taking our tribe’s word as gospel.

But modern society has simplified survival.

Shelter, food, and water have become accessible.

Environments predictable.

Yet we continue to obey societal norms unflinchingly.

Because our hunter gatherer brains set off alarms if we go against the grain.

Worried that if we do, we’ll die.

That’s why students go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Why young adults choose a safe job they hate over a risky passion project they love.

Why strangers avoid other strangers on the bus.

Being different violates our social conditioning.

So it takes a special person to develop his or her own unique path.

To ask why.

To question ‘This is how it’s always been done.’

These are the iconoclasts.

The Galileos and Gandhis.

The Mandelas and Malalas.

Who, when speaking their truth, are ignored, laughed at, and fought against.

But hold strong nonetheless.

If you’re willing to be different, prepare to be judged.

But know that you’re not alone.

You’ll occupy that small club of humans.

Who took a different path.

Ignored their elders.

And pushed humanity to new frontiers.

Whatsapp Data Scandal

While the news regarding Facebook data leak with Cambridge Analytica is still boiling all around, in another news , WhatsApp – freeware messaging app by Facebook –  is now being accused of sharing its payment-related data with Facebook and other third-party apps.

WhatsApp launched its UPI-enabled payment services on February 8, this year. WhatsApp has been accused of killing the UPI interface. In an interview with CNBC, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Paytm founder, has already accused WhatsApp of evading essential authentication processes.

As per the WhatsApp payments privacy policy, “We share information with third-party providers and services to help us operate and improve Payments… To send payment instructions to PSPs (payment service providers), maintain your transaction history, provide customer support, and keep our Services safe and secure, including to detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, safety, security, abuse, or other misconduct, we share information we collect under this Payments Privacy Policy with third-party service providers including Facebook,”

Evading the Login and password essentiality to make UPI-enabled payments, WhatsApp has also thus skipped the 2-step authentication in the name of making the payments easy.  Vijay Sharma which has already reached the NPCI alleging the organisation’s preferential service to WhatsApp, accused Facebook of trying the same trick again by killing the open UPI system with closed implementation through the payment feature on WhatsApp.

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp existing policy states that the data which includes fetching a user’s name, number, transaction, date and time are collected so as to review user’s account activity to determine whether the user continues to meet our Terms and Payments Terms.

Interestingly, WhatsApp apparently does that by breaching the NPCI guidelines on users’ data privacy.

Also, sharing its transaction data with third parties is not in sync with the NPCI guidelines which states, “The PSP shall not share the data with any other third party unless mandated by applicable law or required to be produced before a regulatory authority. In such exceptional cases wherein data is required to be shared under applicable law or required to be produced before a regulatory authority and to the extent permitted under such law by such regulatory authority, the PSP shall provide a prior written intimation to NPCI & Bank of such disclosure.”

While WhatsApp has apparently stated that it might follow the NPCI guidelines once it will roll out the payments solution for all the 200 Mn Indian users. 
However, does that justify, playing with the existing 1 Mn users, who have already subscribed to the payments solutions?

Out of 1.5 Bn global users, WhatsApp has 200 Mn users in India. While the company’s UPI-enabled payments solution is currently limited to a user base of 1 Mn, as part of a pilot project, the company has already planned to open it to every Indian user. This might alarm another trust breach by Facebook, as most of the users aren’t aware of such terms and conditions.

Sharing of personal data such as mobile number, bank account details, number and amount of transactions being done with third parties by payments firms can shoot up the rate of phishing attacks in India significantly.
“So far these hackers have been getting passive data about banking customers from random sources. If payment firms start sharing data with third-party companies then it will help the hackers pinpoint that user with every minute detail required,” said an industry expert requesting anonymity.
“In case of payments firms, it also exposes a user’s financial capability to other advertisers,” the person added.

While rival Paytm states that it doesn’t sells or rents a user’s personal information to any third party, it stresses that it will have to do so in case there’s a “legally compliant request for its disclosure”.
“We reserve the right to communicate your personal information to any third party that makes a legally-compliant request for its disclosure,” Paytm says in its privacy policy.

Whatsapp made its entry into the digital payments space in India earlier this year.The digital payments space in India had a total transactional value of Rs 3,37,267 crore in 2018 and is growing at 17.4 percent CAGR.

High tech Device:Boon or bane

The present day high-tech gear is just part of growing up in a digital world.Nevertheless,one cannot deny that all these gadgets have become a part  and parcel of our daily lives.Besides we have become highly  dependent on these  devices.

This is more so in the case of children.Their lives are completely ruled by these devices.These devices made our lives easier and more comfortable.They have made the world jump forward with a leap and built up a glittering modern world.

They have also opened innumerable avenues for the growth and knowledge and  have given form to the wild imagination of man.They have indeed ,revolutionized every sphere of life.

Children spend a great deal of time on these gadgets like video games etc.

The parents feel that excessive use of these gadgets will definitely be destructive for the children.They will recline into their into own high tech shell.

There upon it will  become very difficult for parents to bring them out of this world.

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The role of Rag-Pickers in saving the Urban environment

Rag-Pickers play a major role in saving the urban environment.None really pays any attention to contribute towards society.They collect the garbage and further segregate it.

This is a major health concern for them as it contains all sorts of germs.Due to their unawareness  and no education ,they are left with nothing but only this to do.The garbage that they collect has fine  glass pieces which many a times  injure them.

But to earn their livelihood,they have to bear all sorts of pains and injuries.They collect the house garbage and segregate the articles that can be recycled and sell them to earn their livelihood.

the remaining is disposed off.Virtually,in absence of rag-pickers,our surroundings will a  dumping ground of garbage. They are the unsung saviours of our environment.

River Pollution

Rivers are the biggest source of fresh water.They are therefore our lifeline for survival.It is really sad to see that most of our rivers are increasingly being polluted because of our negligible and irresponsibility.

Untreated sewage  and waste from industries  are continuously dumped into rivers.Religious ceremonies are also responsible for river pollution.Immersing idols and disposal of garlands and flowers end up in polluting the water.

Similarly,ashes after cremation are also poured into rivers.River pollution can pose a serious  threat to both the environment and  the human health.Continuos river pollution can disrupt the ecological balance and lead to the loss of biodiversity.

River pollution is thus a critical problem and the government must implement necessary steps to mitigate it.

Computer-Important part of our life

Computers are indeispensible for today’s youth.Computers have brought about a revolution in everyone’s life.

What would offices,banks,factories,airports,commercial establishments do if computers failed to function.Well there would be utter confusion all over.

There will be colossal damage in terms of budiness lost,services not provided and oppurtunities forgiven.By learning computer today’s youth has become a part of the Globalised world.

Distances have overnight become a thing of the past.Internet hasbrought about a big revolution as information  is available cheaply or freely at all times at the mere click of a mouse.

E-books enable today’s  youth to have  access  to thousands of books at minimal cost which was something unimaginable in the past.

No doubt computers have brought about a drastic change in youngster’s life.It’s time that those who has missed out learning computers shouls doon take plunge and go in for computer courses to know the vast spectrum of business avenues lying open to them.