To be different!

70,000 years ago if an elder told you to avoid eating a plant, you’d listen.

They’d teach you how to spark a fire, build a shelter, throw a spear.

And you’d listen.

That’s how we survived as a species.

By listening.

By following.

By taking our tribe’s word as gospel.

But modern society has simplified survival.

Shelter, food, and water have become accessible.

Environments predictable.

Yet we continue to obey societal norms unflinchingly.

Because our hunter gatherer brains set off alarms if we go against the grain.

Worried that if we do, we’ll die.

That’s why students go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Why young adults choose a safe job they hate over a risky passion project they love.

Why strangers avoid other strangers on the bus.

Being different violates our social conditioning.

So it takes a special person to develop his or her own unique path.

To ask why.

To question ‘This is how it’s always been done.’

These are the iconoclasts.

The Galileos and Gandhis.

The Mandelas and Malalas.

Who, when speaking their truth, are ignored, laughed at, and fought against.

But hold strong nonetheless.

If you’re willing to be different, prepare to be judged.

But know that you’re not alone.

You’ll occupy that small club of humans.

Who took a different path.

Ignored their elders.

And pushed humanity to new frontiers.


What do I know ?

I’m confused all the time.

Every new book I read, every new experience I have, I fall down a deeper well of uncertainty.

There are infinite opinions.

Endless ways to live.

From Buddhist monks to Western capitalists.

Vegans to carnivores.

Gun lovers to gun haters.

Everyone thinks they have the answer.

That they’re living the right way.

But is there a right way?

If there’s anything I’m certain about, it’s that no one knows anything for certain.

Not me, not you, not the Dalai Lama.

In fact, if someone claims they do, be instantly skeptical.

Because we’re all different and fallible.

What may work for me may not work for you.

What will work in one situation may not work in another.

So the danger lies in taking what someone says, especially experts, as unquestionable fact.

Certainty is the enemy.

It’s behind genocides, economic crises, wars.

But luckily, there’s a simple test that you’re doing things right.

Humility and a sense of humor.

The willingness to admit that you’re wrong or unsure.

To laugh at yourself.

And contradict yourself.

To change who you are and what you believe.

Over and over.

Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Socrates wrote, “I know one thing; that I know nothing.”

And don’t get me wrong this approach to life is tough to swallow.

It hurts the ego to know you’ll never have the answers.

That you’ll forever be confused and skeptical of your own thoughts.

But the silver lining is that it frees you to grow.

To learn.

To pick what works for you.

And genuine happiness can only come from this kind of growth.

But then again, what do I know?

Hello world

Well Hello once again,
Being in a world that is ever changing changes a person drastically and his perspective about all these changes across us.Living in a such technologically advance and competitive surrounding you never get to know where you stand and whats ahead to come.
I have experienced a change and have forgotten my roots where I started and where it all began to change.
I wonder how will be going ahead whats to come for me.
Various in my head are still concerning and I am trying to figure out what i am going to do further and I will always make sure to experiment and evolve my skills to understand and compete with all the problems to come ahead and keep my head up leaving behind things that have made me degrade but not anymore with that said lets see whats about to come.

Computer-Important part of our life

Computers are indeispensible for today’s youth.Computers have brought about a revolution in everyone’s life.

What would offices,banks,factories,airports,commercial establishments do if computers failed to function.Well there would be utter confusion all over.

There will be colossal damage in terms of budiness lost,services not provided and oppurtunities forgiven.By learning computer today’s youth has become a part of the Globalised world.

Distances have overnight become a thing of the past.Internet hasbrought about a big revolution as information  is available cheaply or freely at all times at the mere click of a mouse.

E-books enable today’s  youth to have  access  to thousands of books at minimal cost which was something unimaginable in the past.

No doubt computers have brought about a drastic change in youngster’s life.It’s time that those who has missed out learning computers shouls doon take plunge and go in for computer courses to know the vast spectrum of business avenues lying open to them.


Motivation is one of the most  discussed topic and the way it helps one to tackle the problems they  are going through.

Talking about motivation is not that easy because it is not easy to talk about based on who you are talking to because something that is motivating to a young child made not be the same for someone who is around 40.

People aspire for the same kind of motivation but everyone has there own source of motivation .

There are also people who are always talking about motivation but are themselves streesed in there own lives.


Being pumped and motivated all the time is very important to make things go better throughout ur day and my best piece advice for you can be that you can do much better than you think but the only thing you lack doing is to be patience as you have a lot of time figure out things and execute them.

People get way over excited for things that they are willing to execute but due to bad kick start and lack of motivation they  are no where to reach where they wanted to reach.

“Motivation comes from you not from others who you try to be.”-Me